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Question 1

Which one of the following test on a saturated clay soil gives the unique effective stress Mohr circle?

Question 2

Given that the effective angle of internal friction of the soil is 100, the angle between the failure plane and the major principle plane will be:

Question 3

The angle of repose of a soil is the maximum angle which the outer face of the soil mass makes

Question 4

Failure of slopes occurs only when total shear force is

Question 5

In a drained triaxial test, a saturated specimen of cohesionless sand fails under a deviator stress of 5.35 kg/cm2 when the cell pressure is 1.5 kg/cm2. The inclination of the failure plane to the horizontal is

Question 6

A soil has an angle of shearing of 30° and cohesion of 35 kN/m2. If the specimen of this soil is subjected to a tri-axial compression test, then the value of lateral pressure in the cell for failure to occur at total stress of 300 kN/m2 will be

Question 7

Why triaxial test is preferred over direct shear test ?

Question 8

What does the confining pressure used in tri-axial compression tests on an undisturbed soil sample represent?

Question 9

For a tri-axial shear test conducted on a sand specimen at a confining pressure of 100kN/m2 under drained conditions, resulted in a deviator stress (s1–s3) at failure of 100kN/m2. The angle of shearing resistance of the soil would be

Question 10

During the first stage of triaxial test when the cell pressure is increased from 0.15 N/mm2 to 0.28 N/mm2, the pore pressure increases from 0.07 N/mm2 to 0.15 N/mm2. What is the value of the skempton’s pore pressure parameter B?
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