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Question 1

Soil having volume of 1m3 and void ratio of 0.8 is compacted in lab such that the final void ratio is 0.4. Calculate the final volume after compaction.

Question 2

A concentrated load of 50 kN acts vertically at a point on the soil surface. If Boussinesq’s equation is applied for computation of stress, then the ratio of vertical stresses at depths of 3 m and 5 m respectively vertically below the point of application of load is

Question 3

In case of stratified soil layers, the best equation that can be adopted for computing the pressure distribution is

Question 4

Considering the compaction curve, the soil in the wet of optimum zone has:

Question 5

In a Newmark’s chart for stress distribution, there are 5 concentric circles and 20 radial lines. The influence factor for this chart would be

Question 6

Boussinesque’s Solution for the stresses in soil caused by a point load at the surface is based on some assumptions. One of which is

Question 7

The maximum dry density in a fine-grained soil can be achieved with specified compaction at:

Question 8

The intensity of vertical stress at depth z below a concentrated load Q, by Boussinesq equation is:

Question 9

In a typical compaction curve as indicated in the diagram , points ‘A’ and ‘B’ have dry densities choose the most appropriate statement from the following

Question 10

The ratio of energies imparted to soil sample in standard proctor compaction  test to modified proctor compaction test is
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