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"Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering _Quiz 2 "

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Question 1

Given that coefficient of curvature = 1.5,  Based on this information of particle size distribution for use as subgrade, this soil will to be

Question 2

In an unconfined compression test on stiff clay, if the failure plane made an angle of 530 to the horizontal, what is the angle of shearing resistance?

Question 3

The cell pressure and pore water pressure is increased from 0.1 N/sq. m to 0.26 N/sq. m and 0.07 N/sq. m to 0.15 N/sq. m respectively in the triaxial test. The Skempton’s pore pressure parameter is given _____.

Question 4

Pick up the correct statement from the following.

Question 5

Good quality sand is never obtained from which of the following source?

Question 6

The part of the wall on which the arch rests, is called

Question 7

The water content of a soil remains unchanged during the entire test in

Question 8

The permeability of a given soil is

Question 9

Pick up the correct statement from the following

Question 10

Pick up the correct statement from the following ________.
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