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"Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering _Quiz 1 "

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Question 1

Soil samples A and B have void ratios of 0.5 and 0.7 respectively. If 1.5 m3 of soil sample A and 1.7 m3 of soil sample B are mixed to form sample C having a volume of 3.2 m3, which one of the following correctly represents the porosity of sample C?

Question 2

Given for a sample of river sand:

Void ratio at the densest state = 0.35

Void ratio at loosest stage = 1.1

Which one of the following correctly represents the relative density of the sample prepared with a void ratio of 1.0?

Question 3

Which of the following is responsible for the formation of residual soil?

Question 4

in-situ vane shear test is conducted to determine the shear strength of

Question 5

An initial cross section area of a clay sample was 15 sq. cm. The failure strain was 25 % in an unconfined compression test. The corrected area of the sample at failure would be:

Question 6

If the pores of a soil are completely full of air only, the soil is said to be

Question 7

A soil sample has void ratio 0.82. The specific gravity of solids is 2.65. If the soil is 50% saturated, what is the water content of the soil?

Question 8

What will be the factor of safety for a soil sample having specific gravity, 2.65 and void ratio, 85 %? Hydraulic gradient for that soil sample is 0.297

Question 9

Which of the soil possesses zero plasticity index?

Question 10

Aggregate impact value indicates which of the following properties of aggregates?
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