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SNR, BER, and Bandwidth II Starter Quiz

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Question 1

A 2 kHz channel has a signal to noise ratio of 24 dB. The change in the maximum chaanel capacity if the channel bandwidth is reduced to a quarter of the original value is

Question 2

The average information content in the English language, assuming that each of the 26 characters in the alphabet occurs with equal probability is_______bits /character.

Question 3

Consider an AWGN chance with 2kHz bandwidth and noise power spectral density = 10-10 W/Hz. The signal power required at the receiver is 0.4 mW. The capacity of the channel is:

Question 4

The channel capacity of an infinite bandwidth channel is 54 kbps. If the signal power required at the receiver is 0.1 mW, the two sided noise spectral density is__________10-9W/Hz

Question 5

A bipolar binary signal s(t) is given below . find the probability of error if the transmission rate of data is 104 b/s.

P(S1) = P(S2) = 1/2, η/2 = 10–9 w/Hz, A = 10 mV

Question 6

Consider a white noise of 2-sided spectral density applied to a simple RC low pass filter whose 3dB cut-off frequency is 4kHz.The mean squared value of cut-off noise output will be
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