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SNR, BER, and Bandwidth I Starter Quiz

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Question 1

In the demodulation of binary PSK signal received in white Gaussian noise, a phase locked loop is used to estimate carrier phase ϕ. The loss in SNR if phase error ϕ = 45° is ______ dB.

Question 2

A source has 256 symbols which are equiprobable and their successive transmissions are independent. If an AWGN channel having a bandwidth of 4kHz and SNR of 31. It is used for transmission of symbols. The maximum rate (in symbols/sec) at which the transmission can be made with an arbitrary low probability of error is?

Question 3

An ideal power limited communication channel with additive white gaussian noise with 1 MHz bandwidth and signal to ratio of 15 is transmitting the information at theoretical maximum rate. If the signal to noise ratio is reduced to
7, how much bandwidth is required to maintain same rate.

Question 4

A communication system operates in an AWGN channel and employs BPSK modulation. If  (Eb signal energy per bit, N0 = noise power spectral density) and given that erf (2) = 0.99532, then find the value of average BER.

Question 5

Find the minimum channel bandwidth( in kHz) required to transmit an 8-ary PSK signal with each bit duration of .

Question 6

A signal having maximum frequency component 5kHz sampled at its nyquist rate and represented each sample with 10 bits are transmitted into free space using
4-array PSK modulation technique. Find bandwidth required, if root raised cosine pulse shaping is used with roll-off factor 0.81 ?
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