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RVUNL_CE_Quiz 96

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Question 1

A pair of bearing stiffeners of size 100mm x 6 mm is welded at certain locations of a plate girder of web size 1200 mm x 12mm. The effective area of the bearing stiffener is

Question 2

The horizontal beam spanning between two adjacent trusses is called

Question 3

Bearing stiffeners are designed as

Question 4

A welded plate girder with web thickness 6mm has two horizontal stiffeners. The maximum depth of the web recommended as per IS 800 is _________.

Question 5

Intermediate vertical stiffeners are provided in plate girder to:

Question 6

As per the Indian Standard (IS) 800 : 2007, with respect to serviceability and when transverse stiffeners are not provided, the d/tw ratio of the web should be less than or equal to (depth of web = d; thickness of web = tw; and yield stress ratio of web = εw)
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