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Question 1

A biker going at a speed of 45m/s sees red light ahead and applies disc brakes which retard the vehicle at 5m/. Find the velocity of the biker after 7 seconds provided the time at which he applied the brakes the red signal was at 45s.

Question 2

A stationary ball of mass 3kg undergoes direct central impact with a ball of mass 1 kg moving towards it with a velocity of 12m/s. If the impact is perfectly elastic, then calculate the velocity of 3kg ball.

Question 3

A fan consumes 50 W of electric power and has an air discharge of 0.25 kg/s, the maximum air outlet velocity is close to

Question 4

A body weighing 1000 kg falls 8 cm and strikes a 500 kg/cm spring. The deformation of spring will be ____cm.

Question 5

A bucket of water weighing 10 kg is pulled up from a 20 m deep well by a rope weighing 1 kg/m length, then the work done is __________.

Question 6

During Inelastic collision of two particles, which one of the following is conserved?
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