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Question 1

Following are the details for the backfill material used in a vibroflotation project.

D10 = 0.15 mm, D20 = 0.60 mm, D50 = 2.0 mm

Rating of the backfill material based on the suitability number would be:

Question 2

A fluid’s viscosity and unit weight are reduced to 60% and 80%, due to increase in temperature. If other things remain constant, then the change in coefficient of permeability will be

Question 3

The laboratory test on a sample yielded the following result:
Plasticity index : 32%
Liquidity index : 0.15
Activity number : 1.58
Which of the following inferences can be drawn
1). The soil is very stiff.
2). The soil is medium soft
3). The soil is highly plastic
4). The soil is medium plastic
5). The soil is active

Question 4

A river 6 m deep consists of a sand bed with saturated unit weight of 21 kN/m3, = 9.81 kN/m3. The effective vertical stress at 4 m from top of the sand bed is

Question 5

A bed consists of compressible clay of 4 m thickness with pervious sand on top and impervious rock at the bottom. In a consolidation test on an undisturbed specimen of clay from this deposit 90% settlement was reached in 4 hours. The specimen was 20 mm thick. The time for the building founded over this deposit to reach 90% of its final settlement will be

Question 6

Match list I (consistency) with list II (soil description) and choose the correct option using the codes given below

Question 7

Consider the following statements:
1). The hydraulic head at a point in the soil includes the piezometric head as well as datum head.
2). Piping in soil occurs when the effective pressure becomes equal to zero.
3). Piping in soil occurs in fine sand and silt.
Which of these statements is/are correct?

Question 8

If a saturated clay is tested in an undrained condition in triaxial compression test at a cell pressure of 30t/m2 and the major principle stress at failure is 50t/m2. If a sample of same soil is tested in an unconfined compression test. Then the unconfined shear strength will be

Question 9

which of the following statements regarding piles as per IS 2911 : 2010 is/are correct:

1. The minimum area of longitudinal reinforcement in pile shaft shall be 0.8 percent of the cross-sectional area of pile shaft.

2. Clear cover to main reinforcement in the pile shaft shall not be less than 50 mm.

3. Minimum diameter of the lateral reinforcement shall be 8 mm.

4. Minimum spacing of the lateral reinforcement shall not be less than 100 mm.

Question 10

Calculate the ultimate bearing capacity of a footing on a cohesive soil (c = 25 kN/m2, ϕ = 0, γ = 18.5 kN/m3) if the depth of footing is 1.5m.

Question 11

The Taylor’s stability number

(i) is a dimensionless quantity

(ii) is derived from friction circle method

(iii) Depends upon height and inclination of slope only

(iv) can be derived for both homogeneous and stratified soil

Question 12

For a sand having an internal friction of 30°, the ratio of passive to active lateral earth pressure will be
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