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Question 1

A precast concrete pile has size 40 cm x 40 cm, ultimate load carrying capacity of pile is 1200 KN, C and are 50 KN/m2 and 0.6 respectively then what is the length of the pile?

Question 2

The grouping of piles will not reduce the load carrying capacity in case of

Question 3

A square pile of section 30 cm x 30 cm and length 10 m penetrates a deposit of clay having c = 5 kN/m2 and the mobilizing factor m = 0.8. What is the load carried by the pile by the skin friction?

Question 4

Statement (I): In case of driven piles on very soft soil, it is advisable to start driving operation from Outside to Inside

Statement (II): Driving from outside to inside restrains soil from flowing out.

Question 5

A pile of 0.50 m diameter and length 10 m is embedded in a deposit of clay. The undrained shear parameters of the clay are C = 60 KN/m2 and angle of internal friction is 0. The skin friction capacity of the pile for an adhesion factor of 0.6 is:

Question 6

In under-reamed pile construction, the ratio of bulb diameter to shaft diameter is generally
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