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Question 1

Ultimate bearing capacity of a strip footing on a soil due to effect of water table can be written as :

Correct value of  and  respectively when water table is at a depth of 0.5 Df ground level, where Df is the depth of footing and  and  are water table correction factors:

Question 2

Consider the following statements:
For a rigid footing placed at the ground surface on sand, the contact pressure
1) is maximum at the edges.
2) is zero at the edges
3) distribution is parabolic
4) is uniform throughout the base of the footing.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 3

A strip footing is 1 m wide at its base is located at a depth of 1m below the ground surface. The properties of soil are  and. Bearing capacity factors are? Assume the soil fails in local shear failure:

Nc = 12, Nq = 4, Nγ = 12.

Question 4

Calculate net ultimate bearing capacity as per Skempton’s method of a circular raft footing on a pure clayey soil when depth of the footing is 1 m below the ground level and radius of the footing is 80 cm cohesion value of the soil is 30 kN/m2:

Question 5

A rectangular footing of size 2 m x 3 m carries a column loan of 600 kN at a depth of 1 m. The footing is resting on a C-Φ soil. The Poisson’s ratio is 0.5 and Young’s modulus of elasticity is 20000 kN/m2. If influence factor is 1 then the immediate settlement of footing is

Question 6

When a plate load test was conducted by putting a 60 cm square plate on top of sandy deposit, the ultimate bearing capacity was observed as 60 KN/m2. What is the ultimate bearing capacity for a strip footing of 1.2 m width to be placed on the surface of same soil?
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