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Question 1

In direct shear test, proving ring is used to measure

Question 2

A clear dry sand sample is tested in a direct shear test. The normal stress and the shear stress at failure are both equal to 120 kN/m2. The angle of shearing resistance of the sand will be:

Question 3

Given that for a sample

Critical void ratio = 0.50

Initial void ratio = 0.60

If the sand sample is subjected to continued shear, its volume will:

Question 4

Vane shear test is used to find out shear strength of: ­

Question 5

Disadvantages of direct shear test:

1. Drainage condition cannot be controlled.

2. Pore water pressure cannot be measured.

3. unsuitable for freely draining soil.

Which of these statements is/are correct?

Question 6

The shear strength in plastic undrained clay, is due to ______.
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