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Question 1

A soil has discharge velocity of m/s and a void ratio of 0.60. Its seepage velocity will be____x 10-7 m/s

Question 2

1 m layer of soil is subjected to an upward seepage head loss of 1.5 m. If factor of safety is 2 against piping than the depth of coarse sand, with sp. gravity 2.65 and porosity 35%, required above the soil to avoid piping failure is____m.

Question 3

At a foundation site, there is an impervious stratum at 30 m and water table at 3 m below ground surface. If γsat. =18.84 kN/m3, then what can be the maximum depth of excavation without the possibility of a blow? [Take γw = 9.81 kN/m3]

Question 4

Consider a two-dimensional flow through isotropic soil along x-direction and z-direction. If h is the hydraulic head, the Laplace’s equation of continuity is expressed as

Question 5

The flow lines and equipotential lines in a flow net are in the shape of

Question 6

A sheet pile has an embedment depth of 12 m in a homogeneous soil stratum. The coefficient of permeability of the soil is 10-6 m/s. The difference in the water levels between the two sides of the sheet pile is 4 m. The flow net is constructed with five number of flow lines and eleven number of equipotential lines. The quantity of seepage (in cm3/s per m, up to one decimal place) under the sheet pile is

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