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Question 1

The typical deposit of submerged soil, the approximate depth at which the inter-granular pressure equal to 50 kN/m2is (Take )

Question 2

Soil at site consists of two layers. The top layer has permeability k units and bottom layer has permeability 5k units. If the thickness of both the layers is equal, then what is the average permeability in the vertical direction?

Question 3

In a falling head permeability test, the time taken for head to fall from 27 cm to 3 cm is 10 minutes, if the test is repeated with the same initial head i.e. 27 cm then what time would it take for head to fall to 9 cm?

Question 4

The total stress and effective stress at a depth of 5 m below the top level of water in a swimming pool are respectively?

Question 5

In a three-layered soil, water flows parallel to stratification. The thickness of the middle layer is twice that of top and bottom layer. The coefficient of permeability of middle layer (2k) is twice that of top and bottom layer (k). What is the average coefficient of permeability for this flow?

Question 6

If the water table rises upto ground surface, then the
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