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Question 1

Statement 1: If the radius of a curve is 420 m, it will be designated as a 5˚ curve on a 30 m arc.

Statement 2: Degree of a curve is the angle subtended at the centre by a specified length of arc.

Question 2

Match List 1 with List 2 and select the answer using the code given below (Assume standard notation):

List 1

(a) Length of long chord

(b) Tangent length

(c) Apex distance

(d) Length of curve

List 2





Question 3

Consider the following statements regarding curves:

(i) A circular curve consists of single arc of circle having finite radius and fits between two straight lines.

(ii) A compound curve consists of two arcs having their centers lying on same side of common tangent.

(iii) A reverse curve consists of two arcs having their centers lying on opposite side of common tangent.

(iv) A transition curve is a curve of varying radius having zero radius at the starting of curve.

Which of the following statements are correct?

Question 4

Which ones of the following are perpendicular to the plumb line?

i. Level Surface

ii. Level Line

iii. Horizontal Plane

iv. Horizontal Line

Question 5

Assertion (A): The mean sea level provides a convenient datum all over the world.

Reason (R): The sea level at a place never changes.

Question 6

Levelling data is provided. Which of the following statements is true?

Question 7

On what factors does stopping sight distance depends?

  1. Speed of vehicle
  2. longitudinal friction coefficient
  3. braking efficiency
  4. Reaction time

Question 8

Calculate the safe stopping sight distance (in m) for the descending gradient of 3% for a design speed of 80 km/h. Take coefficient of friction as 0.35 and total reaction time as 2 seconds.

Question 9

Calculate the lag distance for a design speed of 65 km/hr assuming the coefficient of friction as 0.36 and total reaction time of driver as 2.5 seconds?

Question 10

Which of the following statements are true about kerb parking?

i. Angle parking is favorable to the drivers.

ii. 90° angle parking is most favorable to drivers

Question 11

Which of the following are methods of counting traffic volume?

i. Pneumatic counter

ii. Magnetic detector

iii. Manual counting

iv. Spot speed study

Question 12

A linear relationship is observed between speed and density on a certain section of a highway. The free flow speed is observation to be 80 km per hour and the jam density is estimated as 100 vehicles per km length. Based on the above relationship, the maximum flow expected on this section and the speed at the maximum flow will respectively be
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