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Question 1

If the contour interval and contour gradient of a contour map plotted over an undulated terrain are 10m and 1 in 100, then the horizontal equivalent is :

Question 2

Statement (I): A series of closed contour lines on the map indicates a valley, if the higher values are outside.

Statement (II): When contour lines are close together, it indicates a flat ground.

Question 3

Statement (I): The contour interval depends upon the nature of the ground whether it is undulating or flat.

Statement (II): In hilly terrain or undulating ground a smaller interval is adopted, otherwise the contours will come too close for plotting.

Question 4

Consider the following characteristics of contours:
1) A uniform slope is indicated when contour lines are uniformly spaced.
2) Contour lines cannot end anywhere but can close on themselves.
3) A set of closed contours indicates a depression or a summit, according to the lower or higher values being respectively inward.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 5

A square area (on the surface on the earth) with side 100 m and uniform height, appears as on a vertical aerial photograph. The topographic map shows that a contour of 650 m passes through the area. If focal length of the camera lens is 150 mm, the height from which the aerial photograph was taken, is

Question 6

Closed contour lines with one or more higher value contours inside it represent
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