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Question 1

Most precise instrument for taking linear measurement is

Question 2

If the latitude of a line AB is 357.25m and departure of the line AB is 483.85 m. What is the length and bearing of AB?

Question 3

The following details refer to a closed traverse:

The length and direction (whole circle bearing) of closure, respectively are

Question 4

The bearings of two inaccessible stations, S1 (Easting 500 m, Northing 500 m) and S2 (Easting 600 m, Northing 450 m) from a station S3 were observed as 225 ° and 153 ° 26’ respectively. The independent Easting (in m) of station S3 is:

Question 5

The interior angles of four triangles are given below:

Which of the triangles are ill-conditioned and should be avoided in Triangulation surveys?

Question 6

The following bearings were observed with a compass

The interior angle at C is --------degrees.
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