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Question 1

A scale has a representative fraction of  . What will be the length measured on the ground if the length of plan is 5 cm.

Question 2

Distance accuracy of EDM (Electronic Distance Measuring) device is given as ± (0.8 + 1 ppm × D)mm to ±(3 + 3 ppm × D) where D = distance measured. Range of accuracy for distance of 2km is:

Question 3

A line measuring 16 cm on plan is actually 245 m long on ground. What is the scale adopted for surveying?

Question 4

Surveys which are carried out to depict mountains, water bodies, weeds and other details are known as

Question 5

A survey was made with a chain 0.5 link two short and plotted to a scale of 1 cm = 300m. the plan now found to have shrunk so that a line originally 6 cm long was found 5.4 cm. If the area of the plan was measured and is 24.5 sq. cm. find the true area of the survey.

Question 6

A scale of 1 cm = 500 m has the representative fraction of
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