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Question 1

The least count of the vernier is equal to

Question 2

Statement (I) : The fundamental principle of surveying is 'to work from the whole to the part'.

Statement (II) : Working from the whole to the part ensures prevention of accumulation of possible errors in survey work over large areas.

Question 3

Among various stages of survey in highway alignment, the correct sequence is

Question 4

The type of surveying in which curvature of earth surface is taken into consideration is

Question 5

Which of the following objectives can be achieved by surveying?

i. Preparing archeological maps. Geological maps military maps etc.

ii. Determining Relative position of desired points with respect to a known bench mark.

iii. To measure distance between two points.

iv. Laying Out the alignment of roads, railways etc

Question 6

Consider the following statements:

Statement 1: In surveying a large part of area is divided into smaller part. The details of there smaller parts are measured using any method of surveying .

Statement 2: This principle of surveying is known as working from whole to part.

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