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Question 1

Statement (I) : M.S.P. method of track maintenance is not applicable for concrete sleepers

Statement (II) : M.S.P. method is applicable only for flat bottom sleepers

Question 2

A turnout of 1 in 8.5 takes off from a straight BG track with its curve starting from the toe of the switch and passing through TNC. Heel divergence is 11.4 cm. Which of the following is not correctly matched for the data given above:

Question 3

Type of switch rails generally adopted for a modern track, is

Question 4

Statement (I) : width of taxiway is less than that of runway

Statement (II) : speed of aircrafts is more on runway than the speed on taxiway

Question 5

Location of an exit taxiway is affected by which of the following factors:

1. Numbers of exit taxiway

2. Exit speed

3. Type of air craft

4. Weather condition

5. Taxiway width

Question 6

Statement (I): Rate of change of longitudinal gradient for type ‘c’ airport should not exceed 0.1% per 30 meter length of vertical curve.

Statement (II): Abrupt change of gradient may cause premature lift – off of aircraft during Take-off.

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