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Question 1

As per the Nagpur plan, the un-surfaced roads were meant for

Question 2

The ‘rural road development plan: Vision 2025’ aims to provide basic access to villages in how many phases?

Question 3

Too steep cross slopes on pavement surface is avoided because

(i) It may create discomfort to people riding on the surface.

(ii) Slow moving vehicle might have a tendency to overturn.

(iii) Rutting of pavement is possible.

(iv) It may decrease skid resistance of pavement.

Question 4

Match List 1 with List 2 and select the answer using the codes given below:

List 1
(i) Kerbs

(ii) Shoulders

(iii) Median

(iv) Camber

List 2

(a) Cross slope provided to raise the middle of road surface.

(b) Traffic separator provided between two adjacent lanes.

(c) Dividing line between carriageway and footpath.

(d) Provided along the road edge to serve as emergency lane.

i - ii - iii - iv

Question 5

Calculate the stopping sight distance for a design speed of 65 km/hr assuming the coefficient of friction as 0.30 and total reaction time of drivers as 2.5 seconds:

Question 6

The stopping sight distance depends upon
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