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Question 1

If the per capita contribution of suspended solids and B .O.D is 90 gm and 55 gm. Find the population equivalent of a combined system serving 1000 persons and having 75 gm per capita daily of B .O.D:

Question 2

If for diluting 25 ml of water sample 175 ml of taste free water is required to be added to make the water sample to just loose its taste, then the threshold odour number (TON) will be:

Question 3

For a water sample the total hardness is 200 mg/l as  and alkalinity is 250 mg/l as . Then the carbonate hardness is

Question 4

Which of the following do not represent direct health threat?

Question 5

Nitrates more than 45 mg/l in water lead to disease called :

Question 6

The permissible limit of arsenic in drinking water as per the guidelines of WHO is
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