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Question 1

A simply supported concrete beam which is designed by load balancing concept having a force of 600 kN and carries a load of 20 kN/m for a span of 6 m. Find the central dip of the cable.

Question 2

What is the valve of μ for steel moving on smooth concrete?

Question 3

A post tensioned concrete beam 100 mm wide and 400 mm deep is prestressed by three cables, each with a cross sectional area of 50 mm2, initial stress of 1200 N/mm2. The stress in concrete at the level of steel is (e = 50 mm)

Question 4

The cumulative angle in radian though which the tangent to the cable profile has turned between any two points under consideration when the jacking is done from both end is

Question 5

For a pre-tensioned beam, young’s modulus of steel and concrete are 200 GPa and 35 GPa, respectively. If the beam is post-tensioned and age of concrete at transfer is 8 days and ultimate creep coefficient is 1.6, what is the level of sustained stress in concrete at the level of steel. If the loss due to creep is three times the loss due to shrinkage.

Question 6

What is the uplift at centre on release of wires from anchors due to pre-tensioning only for force P and eccentricity e for a pre-tensioned rectangular plank.
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