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Question 1

In the limit state design of footings, the permissible bearing stress at the interface of column and footing is ______ 0.45 fck?

Question 2

If p is the net upward pressure on a square footing of side b for a square column of side a, the maximum bending moment is given by





Question 3

According to IS: 456 -2000, the thickness at the edge, in reinforced and plain concrete footing on soil shall not be less than

Question 4

A reinforced concrete column of square cross section i.e. 400x400 mm2 has factored load of 600 kN that can be applied safely. If the factored moment from a column – moment interaction diagram is 360 kNm, then maximum uniaxial eccentricity at which the factored load can be applied safely is

Question 5

A column is said to be short column, when the ratio of effective length of the column to its least lateral dimension is

Question 6

Match the minimum number of longitudinal steel bars required in columns as per cross section of column:
(a) Rectangular column (i) 4
(b) Circular column (ii) 5
(c) Octagonal column (iii) 6
(iv) 8
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