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Question 1

If a point load is acting at mid span of a fixed beam of uniform section produces fixed end moments of 120 kN.m, then the same load spread uniformly over the entire span will produce fixed end moments equal to

Question 2

A three hinged arch of span 5 m and rise 1.5 m carries a uniform distributed load of 120 kN/m over the whole span. The horizontal thrust on each support is

Question 3

In a fixed beam a variable load is applied as shown in figure of intensity 60 kN over whole span of length 5 m. The fixed moment at support A will be

Question 4

A beam AB shown below of span 10 m and having uniform EI = 10000 kN.m2, is subjected to a rotation of 0.001 radian at end B. What is the fixed end moment at A?

Question 5

What is the degree of static indeterminacy of the plane structure as shown in the figure?

Question 6

For the truss shown in figure, the force in member HC is

Question 7

The given figure shows a beam with its Influence line for shear force at section XX. The value of the shear force at section XX due to concentrated load of 50 kN at mid span will be

Question 8

In the given frame structure, if joint O of the frame is rigid, the rotational stiffness of the frame at joint O is

Question 9

If there are ‘m’ unknown member forces, ‘r’ unknown reaction components and ‘j’ number of joints, then the degree of static determinacy of a plane truss is

Question 10

Which of the following is displacement method?

Question 11

The elements of flexibility matrix of a structure

Question 12

If a two hinged parabolic arch carries a UDL over the left half of the span than the horizontal thrust at each support will be
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