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Question 1

On which of the following is the working principle of concrete hammer for nondestructive test based ?

Question 2

Consider the following statements:

1) Soil containing more than 30% of calcium hydroxide is used for manufacture of sand lime brick.

2) Carbon brick is made from crushed coke bonded with tar.

Which of these statement is/are correct?

Question 3

The heading bond is usually used for:

Question 4

Which factors comprise maturity of concrete?

Question 5

Time estimates are accurate in

Question 6

Saturation coefficient is the ratio of

Question 7

The quantity of plastering on two faces of a wall 5 m long, 3 m wide and one brick thick wall is

Question 8

Consider the following statements on the specific gravity of wood:
1) It is always greater than 2.
2) It is less than 1.
3) It is not dependent upon temperature and equilibrium moisture content.
4) It is dependent upon type of species.
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 9

Consider the following statements:
Seasoning of timber results in
1) increased strength
2) increased durability
3) reduced resilience
4) increased dimensional stability
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 10

Consider following statements regarding various types of cements and their uses:

1. Initial setting time of rapid hardening cement is less than ordinary portland cement.

2. High Alumina cement should not be used for massive concrete work.

3. Blast furnace slag cement is preferred for marine structures

Correct statement(s) is/are:

Question 11

Question 12

In a critical path network, which of the following are involved?
1) A series of interconnected activities
2) Considerations for uncertainties in time estimate
3) A logical sequence of activities is provided
4) The node number at the arrow head is numerically smaller than that at tail end
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