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Question 1

Consider the three activities indicated in sequence. The possible alternatives for individual durations (D) in days, and corresponding cost of resource consumption in units of money per day (R) respectively, are also indicated beside the activities. Overhead costs are to be added at 12 units of money per day of duration. What is the most optimal total cost including overheads, if all the activities are to be completed in either 22 or 21 days?

Question 2

The activity duration (days) and resource requirements (units) are shown in the figure below.

What is the maximum resource required in a day?

Question 3

Which of the following statements are true?
1) Indirect costs are not dependent on individual activities.
2) Expenditure for maintenance are the overhead costs.
3) Indirect costs always increases with time.
4) The overhead costs vary linearly with time.

Question 4

Calcuate optimum cost for this project

Indirect cost is 500 per duration.

Question 5

When a project is crashed for a optimum duration
1) Direct cost is increased.
2) Indirect cost is increased.
3) Direct cost is decreased.
4) Indirect cost is decreased.

Question 6

The direct costs of the three activities along with their duration are given. Activities are completed in the sequence of A then B and then C. Then the minimum possible direct cost for the duration of 21 days will be
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