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Question 1

Which of the following is the correct reason for soaking the brick in water before its use?

Question 2

Weight of dry brick is 29.43N, after immersion of 24hr in water the weight of brick is 31.39N. The water absorption (%) of brick is

Question 3

Consider the following statements related to autoclave bricks:
1) Less water absorption compared to other bricks.
2) Noise reduction.
3) It is cheap compared to other types of bricks.
4) Requirement of bulk volume of mortar in joints being relatively less compared to other types of brick masonry.
5) Not recommended for outer walls.
Which of the above statements are relevant to the use of ‘autoclave’ bricks?

Question 4

Which of the following type of stone is used in the rubble masonry?

Question 5

In which type of bond is cavity existing?

Question 6

The stone whose crushing strength is maximum, is:
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