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RVUNL ME || Machine Design || Quiz 4

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Question 1

On the motors with low starting torque, the type of the clutch to be used is

Question 2

For uniform wear condition of clutches, friction radius is equal to

Question 3

Which one of the following is not a friction clutch?

Question 4

In a multiple disc clutch, if there are 6 discs on the driving shaft and 5 discs on driven shaft, the number of pairs of contact surfaces will be equal to

Question 5

If the moment due to actuating force and that due to friction force acts in the same direction, then the block brake is called  _____.

Question 6

Consider the following characteristics of the brake lining material

1) It should have low wear rate

2) It should have low heat dissipation capacity

3) It should have high coefficient of thermal expansion

4) It should have high heat resistance

Select the correct option which indicates desirable properties

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