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Question 1

If the probability of a bad reaction from a certain injection is 0.001, the chance that out of 2000 individuals, more than two will get a bad reaction will be

Question 2

If X is a discrete random variable that follows Binomial distribution, then which one of the following response relations is correct?

Question 3

If the probability that an individual suffers a bad reaction from a certain infection is 0.001, what is the probability that out of 2000 individuals, more than 2 individuals will suffer a bad reaction?

Question 4

Out of 810 families with 4 children each, how many families would be expected to have 2 girls and 2 boys? [Probability of being a boy is twice as that of girl].

Question 5

When doing a significance test, a student gets a p-value of 0.003. This means that:

I. Assuming Ho were true, this sample’s results were an unlikely event.

II. 99.97% of samples should give results which falls in this interval.

III. We reject Ho at any reasonable alpha level.

Question 6

Consider the following regression equations obtained from a correlation table:

y = 0.516x + 33.73

x = 0.512y + 32.52

The value of the correlation coefficient will be

Question 7

If the number of 5-element subsets of the set A= {a1, a2, ……a20} of 20 distinct elements is k times the number of 5-elements subsets containing a4, then k is

Question 8

A committee of 4 persons is to be formed from 2 ladies, 2 old men and 4 young men such that it includes at least 1 lady, at least 1 old man and at most 2 young men. Then the total number of ways in which this committee can be formed is :

Question 9

If {p} denotes the fractional part of the number p, then , is equal to:

Question 10

If the number of integral terms in the expansion of is exactly 33, then the least value of n is:

Question 11

(a + b + c) (x + a + b + c)2, x ≠ 0 and a + b + c ≠ 0, then x is equal to :

Question 12

Let . If AAT = I3, then |P| is :
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