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RVUNL Mathematics Quiz 4

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Question 1

A 2 m ladder leans against a vertical wall. If the top of the ladder begins to slide down the wall at the rate 25 cm/sec, then the rate (in cm/sec.) at which the bottom of the ladder slides away from the wall on the horizontal ground when the top of the ladder is 1 m above the ground is:

Question 2

ABC is a triangle with incentre I , let P and Q are the foot of perpendiculars from A to BI and CI respectively then  is equals to,

Question 3

A square is inscribed in a quarter circle in such a manner that two of its adjacent vertices lie on the two radii at an equal distance from the centre, while the other two vertices lie on the circular arc. If the square has sides of length , then the area of the entire circle is

Question 4

From the top of a hill 200m high, the angles of depression of the top and the bottom of a pillar are and respectively. The height of the pillar and its distance from the hill are

Question 5

From the bottom of pole of height h, the angle of elevation of the top of a tower is α. The pole subtends an angle β at the top of the tower. Then the height of the tower is:

Question 6

If in a right triangle ABC, C= 90 and s = semi perimeter of the triangle, then the value of 4s(s-a) (s-b) (s-c) is?
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