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Question 1

A hydraulic structure is designed for 20 years of flood. The probability that flow will be exceeded in next two years in this structure is

Question 2

If specific yield of an aquifer is 50% than the porosity of sand contained in this aquifer will be

Question 3

Rainfall hyetograph shows the variation of _____.

Question 4

The following rainfall data refers to station P and R which are equidistant from station:

The value of X will be

Question 5

Inconsistency of rainfall data can be checked by which one of the following

Question 6

which of the following statements relates to a retarding reservoir?

1) The high cost of gate installation and also its operation is saved.

2) There are no gates at the outlets and hence the possibility of human error in reservoir operation is eliminated.

Question 7

The method of growing crops on rides, running on the sides of water ditches, is known as

Question 8

The number of revolutions of a current meter in 60 seconds was found to be 12 and 30 when the velocity of flow was 0.30 m/s and 0.45 m/s respectively. What are the current meter coefficients?

Question 9

In a Canal Syphon type Cross Drainage Work

Question 10

Irrigation water through a canal is supplied to a field having Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentration as 450 mg/l , 70 mg/l and 18 mg/l respectively. What is the SAR value of the irrigation water?

Question 11

Which one of the following statements is correct?

Question 12

Gram crop has a kor period of 18 days and kor depth of 12 cm. The duty of the gram is
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