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Question 1

What is water use efficiency ?

Question 2

A Clayey soil has field capacity = 25% and PWP = 20%. If the dry weight of soil is 15kN/m3. The available moisture capacity in 100 cm depth of soil, constituting the root zone depth of crop is. (Take g = 10 m/s2).

Question 3

If the consumptive water requirement at a field is found out to be 1.5 m3/s then find out the discharge required at the inlet of the canal to just fulfil this demand. Water conveyance efficiency = 0.9, Water application efficiency = 0.8, Water use efficiency = 0.75.

Question 4

Determine duty of water if base period is 150 days and Δ is 1000 mm

Question 5

In a sprinkle irrigation system, Distance of irrigation machine movement is 50 meters, the velocity is 30 meters per hour, and discharge of gun sprinkler is 60 cubic meters per hour. The Precipitation in mm will be

Question 6

The water in the soil which is in excess of the hygroscopic and capillary water and which can move freely downwards when the soil is porous and drainage available is called
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