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Question 1

According to Dicken’s formula, the flood discharge (Q) in cumec in given by

Question 2

Which of the following equations are used in hydraulic method of flood routing?

Question 3

A 1 hr rainfall of 10 cm magnitude at a certain station has a return period of 50 years. The probability that a 1 hr rainfall of magnitude 10 cm or more will occur in each two successive years is:

Question 4

Which of the following methods is used to estimate flood discharge based on high water marks left over in the past?

Question 5

For a catchment area of 120 km2, the equilibrium discharge in m3/hour of an S-curve obtained by the summation of 6 hour unit hydrograph is

Question 6

The Ryve’s formula to determine the design discharge from catchment is given by (constant depending on nature. of the catchment and location = C; catchment area in square kilometres = A)
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