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Question 1

Unit hydrograph theory was first enunciated by

Question 2

Figure 3 .1 shows the curve of a hydrograph.

Which of the following would cause the peak of the curve to shift to the right?

1) When the length of the overland flow is more.

2) When the slope of the land surface is less.

3) When the run-off is more.

4) When the rainfall is moderate.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

Question 3

The peak of a 4 hour flood hydrograph is 240 m3/sec. If the rainfall excess is 80 mm and base flow which is constant is 40 m3/sec, then the peak of 4-hours unit hydrograph will be

Question 4

If Qs3 and Qs6 are the equilibrium discharges of S- curve for the catchment obtained by 3 hour UH summation and 6 hour UH summation, respectively, then Qs3/Qs6 is

Question 5

In a 3 hr synthetic UH with a catchment area of 2000 km2 .
Length of main stream = 120 km
Distance of centroid from outlet = 80 km
Ct and Cp of catchment are assumed to be 1.45 and 0.54 respectively
tp = 23hr
Standard duration = 4.25hr
The lag time using Synder’s method is _____________ m3/s. (Up to 2 decimal places)

Question 6

The ordinate of the Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (IUH) of a catchment at any time t, is
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