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Question 1

The bending moment of a cantilever beam of length 5 m and carrying a uniformly distributed load of 10 N per unit length at the free end is

Question 2

The slope of curve of S. F. D (Shear Force Diagram) at any section will be equal to ______.

Question 3

A simply supported beam with a gradually varying load from zero at B and 10 kN/m at A as shown in figure. If the length of beam is 6 m, Then the shear force at B is equal to

Question 4

The shape of the bending moment diagram for a uniformly distributed load is:

Question 5

The Shear Force diagram of a loaded beam shown in the figure below is that of ______.

Question 6

A beam fixed at both ends carries a uniformly distributed load on entire length. The ratio of bending moment at the support to the bending moment at mid span is given by
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