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Question 1

For a block shown below what will be change in volume?
(μ = 0.33)

Total volume of block is 6m3. And young’s modulus of elasticity is 200 GPa.

Question 2

In symbol  x, y represent

Question 3

S1- If U1 is strain energy at Point 1, U2 is strain energy at Point 2. If total t strain energy is U then relation between strain energy can be defined as

U1 + U2 = U

S2- As per superimposed theorem resultant energy can be algebraic sum of energy at different points (provided they have linear variation)

Question 4

If standard load, diameter of steel ball, diameter of intent are 10 N, 80 mm, 40 mm, respectively. What will be brinnell hardness number?

Question 5

For prismatic bar shown below find the deflection due to external load P (Axial stiffness = 120 GPA) (L = 130 mm)

Question 6

If diametric strain 0.035 for a sphere then volumetric strain of a sphere
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