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Question 1

The rectangular channel flow of 4m3/sec undergoes a hydraulic jump of 0.7m. Energy dissipation during the jump is 0.5m. Find the power loss in KW ( Take g= 10 m/s2)

Question 2

In a rectangular channel, the minimum specific energy of flow is 5m. Find its critical depth

Question 3

The conjugate depths in a rectangular channel of width 5m are 0.2m and 1m. Find the energy dissipated during the jump in meters.

Question 4

A rectangular channel will be most economical when the flow depth and bottom width are in the ratio:

Question 5

The phenomenon occurring in an open channel when a rapidly flowing stream abruptly changes to a slowly flowing stream canning a distinct rise of liquid surface, is :

Question 6

The critical depth for a channel is given by:
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