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Question 1

Boundary layer thickness is the distance from the surface of a solid body in the direction perpendicular to the flow, where the velocity of the fluid is equal to :

Question 2

Separation of flow occurs when pressure gradient ______.

Question 3

Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Question 4

In flow through pipe, the efficiency of transmission under conditions of maximum power transmission is:

Question 5

A 20cm dia pipe carries a fluid with kinematic viscosity of 0.20 stokes. If the flow has to be critical at Re= 2000, what is the corresponding velocity of flow?

Question 6

Two circular pipes are connected in parallel. The length L1, diameter D1 and friction factor f1 for first pipe are 800m, 1m and 0.0125 respectively while L2, D2&f2 are 400m, 2m & 0.01 respectively. The velocity ratio v2/v1= ?
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