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Question 1

The number of rain gauges required when the coefficient of variation of rainfall is 0.35 and the maximum error in the estimation of rainfall is 10%.

Question 2

The rainfall occurs due to ascent of air forced by mountain barrier is known as

Question 3

Symon’s rain gauge is

Question 4

Area between Isohytes is calculated by

Question 5

The normal annual rainfall of station A, B, C and D in a catchment is 80 mm, 91mm, 85mm, 87mm, respectively. In the year 2018, the station D was inoperative when station stations A, B and C recorded annual rainfall of 91, 72, 80 mm. Then the missing rainfall at station D in 2018 is

Question 6

Which of the following types of rain gauge is used for measuring rain in remote hilly inaccessible areas?
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