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Question 1

A current of is measured by using thermocouple instrument. Reading of the instrument is –

Question 2

10 mA ammeter with an internal resistance of 171 Ω is to be converted into a 0 – 200 mA ammeter. Calculate the value of shunt resistor required –

Question 3

Which of the following devices does not work on the principle of mutual induction?

Question 4

A plant have the load factor of 0.7 and plant capacity factor 0.5. The maximum demand on the plant is 500 MW. Find the reserve capacity of the plant ?

Question 5

The armature of a dc machine is laminated to reduce:

Question 6

The speed-torque characteristics of a DC series motor are approximately similar to those of the _________motor.

Question 7

Find the short circuit current with Vr =7.5 and Ra =0.5Ω.

Question 8

ICEO is related to ICBO by

Question 9

In order to reduce voltage surges due to current chopping and capacitive current breaking, we connect

Question 10

If the fault current is 2000 A, the relay setting 50% and C .T. ratio is 400/5 A, the P.S.M. is
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