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Question 1

What is the ratio of flexural strength (fcr) to the characteristic compressive strength of concrete (fck) of M25 grade concrete ?

Question 2

Consider the following statements

1) Gasoline is used as solvent in rapid curing cutback bitumen.

2) Ring ball test is used for determination of softening point of the bitumen.

3) Bitumen is formed by destructive distillation of wood and coal.

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 3

Ranging is defined as

Question 4

A 30 m metric chain is found to be 10 cm too short throughout a measurement. If the distance measured is recorded as 300 m, what is the actual distance?

Question 5

Whenever the whitewashing or distempering is done on corrugated iron sheets, in the estimation the plan area of the sheets is increased by ________.

Question 6

A straight wire 15 m long is subjected to tensile stress of 2000 kg/cm2. Elastic modulus is 1.5 x 106 kgf/cm2. Coefficient of linear expansion for a material is 16.66 x 10-6/0F. The temperature change (in 0F) to produce the same elongation as due to 2000 kg/cm2 tensile stress in the material is:

Question 7

What is the ratio of Euler’s cropping load for columns of same length fixed at both end to that of column having hinge at both ends

Question 8

A RC beam is subjected to a bending moment of 200 KNm, shear force of 20 KN and a torque of 9 KNm. The size of the beam is 300 mm width x 425 mm overall depth. The effective cover is 25 mm. The equivalent shear force is:

Question 9

In a standard proctor test, 2 kg of moist soil was filling the mould of volume 944 cc after compaction. A soil sample weighing 24 gm was taken from the mould and oven dried for 24 hours at a temperature of . Weight of dry sample was found to be 20 gm. Specific gravity of soil solids is 2.5. The theoretical maximum value of the dry unit weight of soil at that water content is equal to (Take unit weight of water = )

Question 10

Given that for a sample

Critical void ratio = 0.50

Initial void ratio = 0.60

If the sand sample is subjected to continued shear, its volume will:

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