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Question 1

For mild and moderate exposure, if 20 mm down coarse aggregate are used, minimum cement content per cubic meter of reinforced concrete must not be less than

Question 2

Math List-I (Type of defect) with List-II (Reason) and choose the correct option using the codes given below:

List-I (Type of defect)

P. Diagonal grain

Q. Blue stain

R. Upsets

S. Warp

List-II (Reason)

1) Defect due to seasoning

2) Defect due to Natural forces

3) Defect due to Fungi

4) Defect due to conversion

Question 3

Check lines (or proof lines) in Chain Surveying are essentially required _____.

Question 4

A plan represents a rectangular area of 61965 m2 and measures 8.5 cm by 10 cm. What is the scale of the map?

Question 5

The item of steel work is measured sq. m is _______

Question 6

Two bars of different materials and same size are subjected to the same tensile force. If the bars have elongation in the ratio of 3:7, then the ratio of modulus of elasticity of the two materials will be

Question 7

Consider if the following statement is correct as per assumptions of Euler’s theory

Question 8

A concrete beam is post tensioned by a cable carrying a prestress of 900 N/mm2. At the jacking end, the slip was observed to be 8 mm. Find the percentage loss of stress due to anchorage slip if length of the beam is 20 m. Take Es = 210 KN/mm2

Question 9

The difference between maximum void and minimum void ratio of a sand sample is 0.30. If the relative density of this sample is 66.6% at a void ratio of 0.40, then the void ratio of this sample at its loosest state will be:

Question 10

Bulking of sand is maximum if the percentage of moisture content is of the order of
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