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Question 1

The strength and quality of concrete, depends upon:

Question 2

If aggregates completely pass through a sieve of size 75 mm and are retained on a sieve of size 60 mm, the aggregates will be known as elongated aggregate if its length is not less than

Question 3

Which of the following is the correct meaning of the term ‘level line’ in surveying?

Question 4

The height of the sink of wash basin above floor level is kept _____.

Question 5

If the non-Uniform loading is of the type of parabola, then for calculating the moment of inertia for areas,

Question 6

One of the uses of the centre of mass or centroid is as in the moment of inertia is that the net force acts at the ___________ of the loading body.

Question 7

If three bars are stressed simultaneously and anchored than in post tensioned member elastic shortening loss

Question 8

Which IS code gives details regarding p(H) water to be used in concrete?

Question 9

Given for a soil stratum:

Coefficient of permeability in horizontal direction = 3 m/day

Coefficient of permeability in vertical direction = 1/3 m/day

The effective permeability of the stratum is

Question 10

Calculate degree of indeterminacy for the following frame structure as shown in figure.

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