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Question 1

After earthing, the different parts of an electrical machinery are at _________potential.

Question 2

A plant have the load factor of 0.7 and plant capacity factor 0.5. The maximum demand on the plant is 500 MW. Find the reserve capacity of the plant ?

Question 3

The area in the semiconductor diode where there are no charge carriers

Question 4

A Zener diode operates as voltage regulator in which of the following biasing?

Question 5

Electric fuse is made up of

Question 6

A starting torque of 50 N-m is developed in a three-phase induction motor by an auto transformer starter with a tapping of 40%. If the tapping of auto transformer starter is 60%, then starting torque will be _______.

Question 7

In MI meter the deflection torque is proportional to

Question 8

The inductance of the coil depends on

Question 9

The method of heating used for non-conducting material is

Question 10

For protection of parallel feeders fed from one end, the relay required are
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