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Question 1

With the increase in carbon content in the steel

Question 2

Pick up the correct statement from the following

Question 3

Length of line measured with a 20 m chain was found to be 636.4 m. If the chain was 6 cm too long, throughout the measurement. Then the true length of the line is

Question 4

Two points A and B are 1530 m apart across a river. The reciprocal levels measured are

The true difference in level between A and B would be

Question 5

What is the unit of measuring cornice?

Question 6

A bar of cross-section A and length L is subjected to an axial load W. the strain energy stored in the bar would be

Question 7

A solid shaft is subjected to torsion causing maximum shear stress. The radius of the shaft is 35 mm. If the shaft is made hollow with internal diameter 20 mm, then the maximum torque that can be applied is ____ of the previous.

Question 8

An isolated T-beam continuous Beam of 6 m length to be designed by LSM method. Effective width of flange for the given section is

Question 9

The mass of pycnometer is 0.5 kg. It weighed 0.95 kg when an oven-dried soil sample was filled in it. Then the remaining space was filled with water and the weight became 1.65 kg. If the weight of the pycnometer completely filled with water is 1.4 kg, then determine the specific gravity of sample

Question 10

In building design, for residential building the liveable area should be________ of the plinth area
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