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Question 1

The formwork including the props can be remove from beams only after

Question 2

The concrete sample is cured at 15 degree Celsius for 28 days. If the original temperature is taken as 11 degree Celsius. What is the maturity (degree Celsius days) of concrete sample ?

Question 3

The following consecutive readings were taken with a dumpy level and a 3 m staff on a continuous sloping ground
0.425, 1.035, 1.950, 2.360, 2.950, 0.750, 1.565, 2.455.
Which of the above readings are back-sights?

Question 4

An object situated on other side of a river and inaccessible from plane table station can be located by

Question 5

For building project estimate which method is generally used in PWD?

Question 6

Conjugate Beam for the given beam will be

Question 7

The shear stress is ____ at the axis of shaft.

Question 8

What is the anchorage value of a standard hook of a reinforcement bar of diameter 10mm?

Question 9

Which of the following statement is false?

Question 10

Combining two or more plot as a single plot is called________
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