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Question 1

If the vector field  represents a magnetic field then the value of k must be

Question 2

Which of the following is not the type of Fuzzy Number?

Question 3

Determine the resonant frequency of a tank circuit having capacitance of 0.02 mF and inductance of 0.08 mH?

Question 4

Which among these is common defect in a commutator?

Question 5

The disadvantages of Scherbius System used for Speed controlling in three-phase Induction motor is

Question 6

Arrange these in the correct order of the sequence for designing the tower?

I. Design data

II. Prototype manufacture

III. Providing tests

IV. Preliminary design

V. Final design

VI. Earlier experience

Question 7

What is power angle equation of synchronous machines?

Question 8

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of

Question 9

If the insulation resistance of 2 m long sample of a cable is 10 MΩ, then a 8 m long sample of the same will have an insulation resistance of

Question 10

Calculate the quality factor for given parameters C = 0.4 µF, R = 2Ω, L = 1mH and ωo = 50 × 103 = rad/sec when they are connected in series.
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