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Question 1

Which of the followings is not an undestructive test?

Question 2

Unit weight of brick work is about

Question 3

Plan of an area has shrunk such that a line 100cm now measures 98.5cm. If original scale of plan was 10cm = 10m. Then value of shrinkage factor is

Question 4

Which of the following Error can be removed by taking a mean of both face observations?

Question 5

The technique of finding the fair price of an existing building or property is known as ______.

Question 6

Determine the equivalent bending moment for a cylindrical section in which a bending moment of 60 kN-m and a torque of 32 kN-m is applied.

Question 7

For the given diagram, deflection at C is

Question 8

A simply supported concrete beam which is designed by load balancing concept having a force of 600 kN and carries a load of 20 kN/m for a span of 6 m. Find the central dip of the cable.

Question 9

The total energy given through the light compaction test as compared to the total energy given in the heavy compaction test is ____ times as per the IS code.

Question 10

Which method is used for pyramids and single curved surfaces like cones?
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