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Question 1

The number of independent elastic constants for a homogeneous and isotropic material is:

Question 2

The average pan coefficient for Class A Land pan is

Question 3

A two way continuous slab of short span 3.0 m and subjected to a live load of 2.5 KN/m2 is reinforced with Fe 250 steel. The minimum depth of the slab as per deflection control criteria is:

Question 4

Minimum ductility value for bitumen of grade of 45 as per ISI

Question 5

Indicating works left in excavated trenches to facilitate the measurement of borrow pits are known as ________.

Question 6

If the stream function is ѱ = 2xy, then the velocity at a point (1,2) is equal to:

Question 7

In the mid-section formula ______.

Question 8

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 9

The risk of segregation is more for:

Question 10

What does the influence line for Bending Moment indicate?
A) Bending moment at any section on the structure for a given position of load.
B) Bending moment at the given section for any positions of a unit point load.
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